An Evaluation of the Qualities of Hinduism

Running head: THE CHARACTERISTICS THE Features OF HINDUISM Religion and PhilosophyBy Versa BrownProfessor August 13, 2007 THE Features OF HINDUISM IntroductionThere will be many religions and many persons with several beliefs and worldviews. Apparently, everyone upon this earth believes that people all exist for a few important reason. I am also a person with beliefs and doubts. I assume that there can be a God. I as well think that we should assemble in worship. Additionally, I believe the finish of life is loss of life. Each folks through this journey of existence take on opinions and beliefs that designs our character and human relationships and helps others to comprehend how we react and react to life situations.It appears that persons in different homes, cities, says and countries include one dominant religion. In the city where I nowadays live there was previously a controversy about a statute a person had in his backyard. The media made me curious, however, not enough to analyze the individual’s belief of beliefs. The photo of the statute described the specific’s belief or considerations to be that of Hinduism. This brought a whole lot of concerns to my mind. Nevertheless, my curiosity were healed for an instant with others suggestions. Sometime later, I manufactured the acquaintance of some Hindu persons from Vietnam. Then, I became a lot more query about the features of Hinduism. Nevertheless, it had been not until the subject matter presented itself in this class that I commenced to meet my curiosity. Consequently this research is to answer the next question:1.What's Hinduism?2.How does one turn into a Hindu?3.What can be the Hindu belief?The Characteristics of HinduismIntroductionSanatana