An Research of the Struggles of A Homeless Friends and family that Migrated to Various other Place in "Grapes of Wrath" by John Steinbeck

Grapes of Wrath

The book is a tale of the Joad family members, and their visit to California. It tells of the migration of a large number of homeless households from Oklahoma to California. It comes after the Joad family group, who, evicted from the terrain by the bank opt to brain for the 'Golden West' to a territory of plenty. When there they face poverty and oppression. The reserve stirs emotion from deep within. It shows the effectiveness of the human spirit under stress and anxiety and the dreadful circumstances the Joad relatives suffered. The Joad family commenced with Ma, Pa, Granpa, Granma, Tom, Al, Ruthie, Connie, Rose of Sharon, Winfield, Uncle John and Casey a former preacher. Whilst on the highway they meet up with the Wilsons who allow Joad's apply their tent when Granpa was dying. A great many other characters drift in and out through the unfolding story. The type of Tom Joad may be the most interesting. Tom may be the oldest kid and a paroled convict. He was delivered to Pentridge when throughout a drunken attack he hit a neighbor's son over the top with a shovel eliminating him along the way. On release he hitches back again to his father and mother' farm and on arrival discovers the shocking truth - it really is deserted with the doorways cheated. He finds away from a neighbor who's living off the property while hiding from the bank that, his spouse and children and many others had been evicted from the property by the bank. Then walks to his uncle John's whereupon he discovers his family group loading up the vehicle to brain for California. He's invaluable to his family group, using the abilities he learnt in prison - car