An Intro to English Words and Literature in the centre Ages

English Language and Literature in the centre Ages

English Society of the center Ages saw many advancements and new trends, but

none thus plainly as the advancements witnessed in the Vocabulary and Literature of this time.

It started out with the Norman Conquest: eloquent french terms substituted for the harsh

saxon equivalents, primarily in the higher degrees of society. Literature started out to reflect these

changes in the language, and continuing to evolve through the entire Renissance. Together,

these aspects helped define the center Ages.

The Norman Conquest occurred in 1066 with the loss of life of King Edward. William

of Normandy, later to end up being reffered to as The Conquerer, fought King Harold to be able to

lay claim the crown in Britian. Succeeding, William included Norman life in to the Old

English culture, concentrating in the bigger courts and plitical picture. This integration of

the Norman culture then filtered right down to the underclass.

The developmental developments of the English Terminology can be obviously observed in the

literature of the period. Geoffrery Chaucer, whos functions had been a precursor to the